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    • WTG620M1W
    • WTG620M1W
    • WTG620M1W
    Child Lock

    Child Lock

    The child lock option can be activated to prevent little fingers from tampering with the buttons. Activating the child lock option prevents any change made to the selected program.

    Automatic Water Control System

    Automatic Water Control System

    The wash load can vary in size and type of fabric. Thanks to the automatic water control system, the amount of water is automatically adjusted to give optimum performance depending on the size and type of fabric being washed.




    Washing machines are a huge help, but do they have to take so long? OptiSense® technology in your Beko washing machine optimises the washing cycle, so you don’t need to guess how long your clothes will take to clean. 3 smart sensors automatically monitor your laundry, selecting the right program and washing time. An extra smart sensor looks after your machine by detecting voltage surges. This cuts off the power if there’s any trouble, helping the machine last longer. Just grab your clothes and go!



    We all love a clean, simple bathroom design - free of clutter and a feeling of space. Volumaxx™ means you get more space in your bathroom, thanks to a slimmer machine with an expanded drum. It’s 10% smaller but doesn’t compromise on the machine’s capacity. It’s available on machines with capacities of 8kg and over, so there’s still plenty of room for all those socks and shirts. It uses less energy overall too – 10% more, or less (oh, you know what we mean). Either way it’s a world-first. *Compared with standard-size 8-11 kg Beko washing machines

    Programs And Functions
    Number of Programs 15
    Program-1 Cottons 20°
    Program-2 Cottons 40°
    Program-3 Cottons Eco 40°
    Program-4 Cottons Eco 60°
    Program-5 Cottons 60° with Prewash
    Program-6 Cottons 90°
    Program-7 Rinse
    Program-8 Spin+Drain
    Program-9 Drum Clean
    Program-10 DownWear 40°
    Program-11 Synthetics 20°
    Program-12 Synthetics 40°
    Program-13 Wool/Hand Wash 40°
    Program-14 Shirts 40°
    Program-15 Mini 30°
    Technical Specifications
    Ball system Yes
    Drum Pattern Standard
    Electronic Type Led
    Unbalanced Load Control Yes
    Emergency Water Drain Hose Yes
    Safety And Performance
    Child Lock (WM) Yes
    Over Flow Safety Yes
    Automatic Water Adjustment System Yes
    Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) 1200
    General Features
    Water Inlet Single (cold)
    Product Color (WM) White
    Side Wall Type S shape
    Time Delay 3h,6h,9h
    Capacity (kg) 6
    Weight - Unpacked (kg) 56.0 kg
    Height - Unpacked (cm)(y) 84.0 cm
    Noise Levels-Washing/Spinning (dB) 62/77
    Width - Unpacked (cm)(x) 60.0 cm
    Product Documentss